Longarm Services

Let us finish your quilt so you can go on creating new masterpieces!


Digital Machine Quilting starting at $.02 per square inch!

Our Longarm Studio

Our studio is equipped with an HQ Amara computerized longarm on a twelve-foot frame. We specialize in edge to edge (E2E or B2B) machine quilting. The same pattern is used across the whole quilt resulting in a clean professional look. We do not do custom quilting. While we greatly admire those who excel at the art of custom quilting for heirloom and show quilts, this is not our area of expertise. 

With 25 years’ experience quilting, here at West Valley Quilting, we understand the time, effort, and expense that went into your quilt. Whether you are entrusting us with a gift for a loved one or a quilt going to charity, each quilt is handled with care and returned to you within two weeks.

How our process works

Our process is straight forward. Simply click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button below, enter your quilt size, pick your pattern, thread color and add-ons. Then package and send your quilt our way. We will take care of the rest and provide you with updates along the way!

Get Started Now!

Go to the form

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Add your details

Tell us about your quilt and how you want it finished.

Receive Quote

You will receive a quote via email detailing the costs for your project.   

Send us your quilt

Package up your quilt and ship it to us.

Magic Happens

Your quilt is transformed as the longarm performs her magic.

We send it back

Within two week of receipt, we will ship your finished masterpiece to your door.

Disclaimers - These are important!  Please read them before you send your quilt.

  1. We have never lost a quilt to the machines. However, the Longarms are an amazing collection of precision metal parts with rapidly moving motors, needles, wheels, etc. One day we are bound to have the machine accidentally tear a quilt. We are not responsible for damage to the quilt caused by the machine (we are sure it will not happen to your quilt!).
  2. Thread color matching is done as close as possible. If you have us pick the color, we will match the thread to the quilt as close as possible, but we are not responsible if you don’t like the color we pick.
  3. If you pick the pattern and the thread color (see note above) and are not happy with it when you get it back, there isn’t anything we can do about it. Unstitching a quilt is not an option. There will be no refunds due to thread color or pattern selection.
  4. Shipping -- We return ship with UPS ground.  UPS assumes a maximum of $100 liability on every package.   A higher value can be declared for an additional fee.  If you would like your quilt ‘insured’ for more, please let us know in the notes section of the order form and we will invoice you separately for the additional insurance.

Make sure to check our Terms and Conditions.

Frequently A​​sked Questions

We strive for a two week turnaround time.  From the time your quilt arrives at our door to the time it leaves our door should be no more than two weeks.  If you choose our optional, but amazing, squaring and binding services, then plan on another week or so for project completion.  We operate on a first in-first out policy, so times may vary depending on how busy we are.  If you need to know for sure when your quilt will be back to you, choose the expedited option on the order form.

Don’t worry though; if you check the box to receive updates on your quilt’s status, we will let you know where you are at in-line, and you will receive pictures of your quilt being stitched out.

Unfortunately no.  Your spot in line is based on when your quilt arrives.  When you fill out the on-line order, we will get in touch with a quote.  The quote includes an order code that corresponds to all your requests and preferences so we know how to finish your quilt and where to send status updates.  Your spot in line though is based on when we receive your quilt.

If your quilt needs to be back in your hands two weeks after we receive it, choose the expedited service option on the order form and we will work whatever late nights are necessary to make sure your finished masterpiece is back to you within that time frame.  This includes the UPS shipping time within the continental US, barring any UPS system-wide shipping issues.  Add 3 extra days for Hawaii and Alaska.

1.  Check out our instructions for how to prepare your quilt for shipping.

2.  Complete our longarm intake request form.

3.  Accept the quote we send back.  Then ship your quilt using your preferred shipping service to the address provided in our quote.  We like UPS because you can track your package! 

4.  We return ship with UPS and will send you the tracking code when your quilt has shipped so you can track it’s safe return to you!

If you have been busy and have multiple projects, please complete an online order for each quilt.  You can ship them to us all together in one package, but we do need an order for each quilt so we know how to finish them for you!

Not currently.​  We know there are amazing quilters in Canada, Australia, and all over the world – but due to the shipping and VAT tax complexities, we only accept projects from quilters located in the United States.

Absolutely – even though we are an online store we love to meet our customers in person, talk about the history of your quilt, and swap stories.  Just contact us to arrange a suitable time.

When your quilt is completed, we will e-mail you an invoice.  Pay the invoice online, and we will ship you your finished quilt!

We accept credit card payments only.

We have several basic, all-over designs you can pick from in the longarm intake form.  These basic patterns are 2 cents a square inch and are absolutely beautiful.  They let the quilt stand out and your piecing show its stuff!  

Can’t decide, or want something specific? Not to worry!  We work exclusively with Anne Bright Designs. You can pick any Border-to-Border design from Anne Bright’s collection and we will put in on your quilt.  You can search all her designs at Anne Bright Designs.   Pick any with the red B2B banner in the upper right corner of the design. 

Warning – Anne Bright has several thousand designs to pick from, so browsing them can take some time.   If you don’t find something you like, then it likely doesn’t exist 😊.  

Be sure to let us know the exact name of the Anne Bright pattern on the longarm intake form​​.​​  A lot of her designs have similar names.  Do not purchase the design from the Anne Bright website.  We will take care of it.

Still can’t decide on a pattern?  Contact us, and we will assist you with your choice.

Edge-to-edge is the most popular way of finishing a quilt.  The pattern is repeated over the whole quilt from side to side and top to bottom.  This creates a uniform and beautiful finish that is designed to let the pattern be present but also blend into the background and let your quilt shine through.  Our computerized quilting machine ensures an exacting and consistent pattern across the whole quilt.   

The other quilting methods are “custom” or “heirloom” where each section of the quilt has a different pattern or design.  These methods focus the eye’s attention more on the stitching design itself rather than on the quilt and take an extraordinary amount of time.  They can be amazing works of art in their own right.  If you would like to connect with someone who does heirloom quilting,  cont​act us and we will send you some recommendations.

West Valley Quilting does not currently offer custom or heirloom style quilting service – we focus on what we do best which is edge-to-edge and supporting you in making beautiful quilts with our wide selection of fabrics. 

We use a standard pattern density (e.g. how ‘loopy or loose’ the design looks) based on the size of the quilt.  Our basic edge to edge patterns stich out around 16” tall for each pass across the quilt on Twin and larger sized quilts - a bit tighter for Lap and Baby sized. 

If you want to get an idea of how dense the pattern will be on your quilt, print an example of your requested design from Anne Bright’s website (you can find the basic ones there too) on a 8 ½” by 11” sheet of paper.  Put the paper up next to your quilt.  The pattern will stitch out about twice as big (e.g. less dense) as what you are seeing on the paper. 

If you want a denser stich out of the pattern, please put that in the notes section of the intake form.  If we have questions about your choice, or have reason to think you might not be completely satisfied with the  results, we will call you to confirm your choice before we begin stitching your quilt.

Our 100% cotton batting is very nice and is the best for that all-over crinkly, antique look.  The 80/20 cotton poly blend is warm, lightweight and won’t crinkle nearly as much as cotton.  This is great for display quilts.  If being eco friendly is important to you, try the bamboo.  It has a light and breathable feel, drapes well, and hasn’t been exposed to all the chemicals used in making cotton white.  Being in Arizona, we don’t get enough requests for wool batting to make it worth stocking.  If wool is very important to you, contact us and we can discuss. 

No.  We offer several choices of batting, all of which have been carefully selected for their quality, durability, and known performance with our quilting machine. 

On the longarm intake form, there is a section for thread color.  Picking a thread color is a lot like picking out paint for your house, there are a lot of choices.  If you can’t settle on a color, check the box to let us pick, and we will put a thread on the quilt that blends in and complements your piecing.  However, if you want to use a thread color that stands out, we are happy to oblige.

We use only King Tut #40/3 Egyptian-grown, extra-long staple cotton or Omni #40/2 poly-wrapped poly-core thread.  These threads are tested with our longarm equipment, and we know they will give you an excellent and long-lasting quilt. 

Yes, we offer binding services!  

Lets face it, binding the quilt is not usually the most enjoyable part of creating a quilt.  If you ship your quilt off for finishing, wouldn’t it be great if it came back all done and ready to enjoy?  Just check that option on the longarm intake form.

If you want us to bind your quilt, you can do one of two things for the binding. 

Option 1 - To use the backing fabric for the binding, specify this in the notes section of the longarm intake form.

Option 2 - To use different fabric for the binding, send enough fabric strips (must be 2 ½” strips by width of fabric) to go around the entire perimeter of the quilt +40”.  For example, if the perimeter of your quilt is 240”, send 280” of binding strips.  

We will take care of stitching the strips together and putting the binding on the quilt.

We use a standard machine binding technique where the binding is first affixed to the back of the quilt and then wrapped over the edge and sewn down on the top of the quilt using a straight stitch.  This makes a sturdy binding that holds up in the wash.

We will match the top thread to the binding of your quilt and the bobbin thread to the backing of your quilt resulting in a stitch that blends into the fabric as much as possible.  We think this method looks amazing finished, and unlike hand stitching, ensures your quilt binding doesn’t come apart in the wash or start to fray around the edges.

We use UPS.  All return shipments are sent appropriately boxed and protected from the elements via UPS ground, signature verified delivery, tracked.  

We don’t put insurance on the return shipping, so if you want insurance on the return package let us know in the notes section of the order form how much insurance to put on the package, and we will charge you for the extra cost of insurance. 

Yes!  Be sure to check the status update options on the Longarm Intake  Form so we know your preferred method of communication.  Confirm that we have your contact information correct on the quote we send you to accept the project.  Once we receive your quilt, we’ll send you a confirmation of receipt.  You will continue to receive regular updates and pictures while your project is in progress.  When we have completed and shipped your quilt, you will receive a confirmation of return shipping and the tracking number so you know when to check your porch!

West Valley Quilting is currently an online store.  Our main operations are in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.  We don’t yet have a store front, but we hope to at some time in the future.

We are proud to quilt on Made in the USA Handi Quilter machines. 

Yes, sort of.  A few extra words about t-shirt quilts.  They have to be properly affixed and sewn together; so they don’t slide all over the place or stretch excessively.  Be sure to use an appropriate stabilizer to keep your t-shirt blocks secure.   If we get your T-shirt quilt and it is stretching all over the place, not square, and not able to safely be put on the machine, we will send it back to you.