Color Burst by Fran Morgan

April 15, 2024 by
Sebrina Riddle

We are excited to announce West Valley Quilting will be brining in the entire Color Burst fabric line by Fran Morgan For Blank Quilting.  Arrival is expected mid-June.  

Fran Morgan, nationally known author, designer, teacher and co-owner of Fabric Café, has been professionally active in the creative industry for over 30 years. Fran spent her first years in the creative industry working with a large needlecraft publishing company as resident designer and Design Acquisition Director. In January 2001, Fran co-founded Fabric Café, a publishing company in the sewing and quilting industry. She has an upbeat, fun designing style that quilters have come to love. Fran has been featured in numerous quilting magazines, and has published over 100 books and dozens of individual patterns for the creative industry. 

Color Burst is a bright and textural quilt fabric collection. Find yourself in a wonderland of texture and vibrant color. Red, green, aqua, yellow and orange make this collection pop. Unique geometric forms make you stop and stare. Modern paisleys add a touch of nostalgia to the collection. Add some polka dots that feel sweet as candy and play with lively stripes in your next quilt project while using Color Burst.

These fabrics would play well in any of the Fabric Café 3–yard quilts.  Here is a picture of the Arcade Quilt using the Color Burst Fabrics.  Isn’t it fabulous!?!

Sebrina Riddle April 15, 2024
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