A Quilter's Dream: West Valley Quilting's Beginnings

August 14, 2023 by
Sebrina Riddle


Welcome! I'd like to introduce you to "Quilt 'Til You Wilt," the official studio blog of West Valley Quilting. I am Sebrina, the proud owner, and I'm here to share our journey from humble beginnings to soaring dreams.

A Stitch in Time:

Imagine a place where threads weave tales, fabrics become art, and dreams unfold one stitch at a time. West Valley Quilting was born from a seed of passion, a place where we aspire to be the ultimate haven for quilting enthusiasts in the far west valley. We dream of a brick-and-mortar haven, in the heart of Goodyear, boasting 5000+ bolts of fabric, classrooms that inspire, and a cozy community corner adorned with sofas and an espresso bar.

From Dreams to Reality:

Every grand journey begins with a single step, and our journey to becoming a quilting haven is no exception. While we hold steadfast to our lofty aspirations, we currently find ourselves operating out of a different kind of space – our home. Here, nestled in our sewing studio, magic happens. Amidst the hum of sewing machines and the warmth of family, we create stunning quilts that carry the essence of our dreams.

Crafting in Cozy Corners:

Our sewing studio may not be grand, but it is brimming with activity. Here, the whir of the longarm, the snip of scissors, and the hum of creativity come together to complete cozy works of art. It may get a tad crowded with the shop owner, the longarm man, a couple of shop dogs, and an eager teenager or two, but the results speak for themselves – beautiful creations brought to life in our cozy space.

A Glimpse into Our World:

Our home doubles as a haven for quilting treasures. The spare bedroom is transformed into a quilt shop, showcasing our ever-growing selection of fabrics, patterns, and notions. And tucked away, you'll find the longarm man's "office," now a hub of creativity that spills into every nook and cranny.

The Power of Progress:

Currently boasting around 100 bolts of fabric, we're setting our sights on an ambitious goal. By February, that number will grow to 350, propelling us just a bit closer to our dream of 5000+. But make no mistake, our passion and dedication are not measured in the number of bolts; they're measured in smiles, creations, and shared experiences.


As we introduce you to "Quilt 'Til You Wilt," we invite you to join us on a journey fueled by creativity, community, and dreams that know no bounds. From our humble sewing studio to the grand dreams of our quilting haven, every stitch represents our commitment to sharing the joy of quilting with you. Keep an eye on this space as we weave tales of triumph, inspiration, and the heartwarming magic that happens when stitches and dreams entwine. Until then, let's stitch together, share stories, and celebrate the wonderful world of quilting.

Sebrina Riddle August 14, 2023
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