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See pictures of basic designs below.  These are $0.02/square inch.  If your desired pattern is not on this list, please go to annebrightdesigns.com, select your desired E2E/B2B pattern and enter the name of the design you want under Custom Pattern.  Please do not purchase the design.  Custom Patterns range from $0.025 to $0.03/square inch.
Please choose an option from the list above
Please choose Kingtut or Omni in solid or variegated style
Price is $12.50/yard calculated by taking width of quilt + 12 inches and dividing by 3 to come up with yards

Basic Quilt Patterns

Just Meandor

I Love It!

Daisey on a String


Just String

Simply Leaves

Simply Loops

Stars on a String



Wonky Dots